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Membership of TEKNIQ


TEKNIQ the Danish mechanical & electrical contractors association

“The Danish model”

If you are considering doing business in Denmark, you must be aware that the Danish labour market system differs from other European countries.
In Denmark wages and working conditions are settled according to the “Danish model”. The labour market is not regulated by law, but by collective agreements between trade unions and employer organizations.

TEKNIQ - Employers' organization

TEKNIQ is the Danish mechanical and electrical contractor association. We are the second largest employer and interest organization within construction and represent approx. 3,000 companies specialized in the field of mechanical, electrical and technical installations. Further more TEKNIQ negotiates collective agreements within these areas.

What can TEKNIQ do for you?

As a member of TEKNIQ you are covered by relevant collective agreements.
We offer service on your Danish activities related to collective agreements, labor court cases and arbitrations, construction law, technical matters and authorization questions.

The Danish Business Authority will provide the necessary information about doing business in Denmark. 


How to become a TEKNIQ member

Please contact us.

Senest opdateret 13-07-2016


TEKNIQ er den eneste organisation med klart fokus på teknik-og installationsbranchen. Som medlem får du en lang række fordele, der er tilpasset netop dine behov.